Christopher James Hoffman


Thirty five years in the making.

Self-portrait, Paper collage - 9 x 12 inches, 2013

After discovering my love for painting in 1977 (age of 11) and further confirmed in high school, I went to Bemidji State University as a Fine Art Major from 1984-1986. I then transferred to a University of Minnesota and studied Fine Art under Victor Caglioti; a mentor who still shapes my life today. I then transferred to Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado between 1987-1988 under the direction of Dave Yost. In 1988, I moved back to the University of Minnesota to continue on with Victor Caglioti and good friend and fellow painter Ted Thompson.

At this point in 1989, I said to myself... "I love painting too much to try to make money from it." Having a family helped this decision of course, not wanting to put them through starving and/or corning my work into whatever would sell.

Instead, I focused my attention on being an entrepreneur. I've started 15 companies... half of which have been very successful. Rare Rhododendrons, Web Development Firms, Home Construction, Real-Estate, etc. However, in 2001 I founded "Managed Artwork" which provides software to fine art galleries and fellow artists around the globe. Learn More >


Christopher James Hoffman